Tuesday 10 December 2013

Hey! It's Ok

Idea taken from Amber at Airing My Dirty Laundry One Sock At A Time.

To be unsure how I feel about McDonald's now serving poutine.

That I am taking two weeks off for Christmas!!! This is HUGE for me! I rarely take time off, never mind two weeks! Ok, it's really only 3.5 days- Dec 23 and half of Dec 24, Jan 2 and Jan 3. My work gives us half of Dec 24 (we close early for Christmas) and Dec 27, 30 and 31. Dec 25, 26 and Jan 1 are Stats. But still...two weeks of not going to the office.

To take out the bed part of my pullout couch so that I can lie 'in bed' and watch Christmas movies on TV.

That I survived my first (and likely last) attempt of Christmas baking on my own. I think from now on, I'm going to stick to Christmas baking with my grandma.

To be unhappy about recent car issues. I hope that they will be able to fix my car tomorrow with no additional issues. And, of course, that it won't be too expensive.

That I was thinking about getting Instagram...and then I found out that you can only sign via an app on your phone. So, I went to get the app and I found out that Instagram is not available for Blackberry!!! Wait, what?!?!?!?! True story.

To LOVE that the Sing-Off is back!!! I love this show! The acoUstiKats are my favourite!

That I'm counting down the days...(and to LOVE this commercial):


  1. I generally just stick to baking cookies. Poutine at McDonalds? I'd try it..

  2. Ah ha ha did you miss signing up for this Cara box round because of your lack of instagram?

  3. Also... Macdonald's sells poutine? I am really not too sure how I feel about that either...