Thursday 12 December 2013

Christmas Reading List

I can't believe that Christmas is less than 2 weeks away- crazy! I'm looking forward to having some time off to spend with family and friends- and, of course, watching the World Juniors!! I'm also looking forward to having some time to read! 

I love to read and have loved to read since I was a child. I was lucky enough to family (parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles) that encouraged me to read and were constantly supplying me with books. I remember being a kid and being at Coles with my dad and brother. My dad bought us a collection of Christmas books, which was four books- The Nutcracker, A Christmas Carol, The Night Before Christmas and The 12 Days of Christmas. I loved those books and I was so happy that my dad bought them for us.

Here are 6 Christmas books that are on my must read list:
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I also recently reviewed Creating A Beautiful Little Christmas and am currently reading Chicken Soup for the Soul: It's Christmas!

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