Sunday 16 September 2012

LOL & Sunday Social

I have decided that weekend pass too quickly! This might be because I was so used to working Tuesday-Friday, having a 3 day weekend, and now I work Monday-Friday. It was too cold for the beach yesterday, so I did a little DYI project, which I will feature on my blog later this month...I'm pretty excited about it! Something else I'm excited about? My social life! I barely had one when I was living in rural Ontario but living in a City (again) has changed that. 

Anyway...saw this on Facebook:

Sunday Social

1. 5 items you can't live without on a daily basis(water, food, shelter, and clothes dont count)
Blackberry (sad, I know), Kindle, Car, Laptop and my bed!

2. All time favorite book? Why?
I have a couple of favourite books, so I'm just going to pick one randomly:
Prep: A Novel It's just one of those books I can get lost in. It's about Lee's four years of high school, at a boarding school, where she is a scholarship student. This book addresses so many society issues (social class, racism, etc), it makes you think. Also, I loved my high school years and reading this book makes me go back to that time of my life. 

3. Something you'd like to accomplish before the end of 2012
Hmm...get settled in my apartment!

4. If you could go back and relive any year of your life which year would it be?
I've had many great years in my life, a lot that I would love to go back and re-live. I'm going to pick my last year of high school, As mentioned, I loved my high school years and my grade 12 year was by far the best year. There was drama, of course, but the fun, good times far out way the dramatic. I have so many great memories and I had so much fun!

5. What do you wish people knew about you without you having to tell them?
I am so much nicer, friendlier and more fun than I actually look/come across.

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  1. good book choice! love this list too :) stopping by from ss! cant wait to read more about your blog!