Tuesday 18 September 2012

Hey! It's Ok

To be sad that Big Brother ends this week. I hope it's Dan & Ian in the final two and that Ian wins. Danielle is so oblivious it makes me sick.

To be unimpressed with the company I bought my couch from. It took about a month for them to deliver it and when they finally did, it had a rip. They sent a replacement couch, which also had a rip. I am now waiting on a replacement replacement. 

To know that September is World Alzheimer Month and that September 21 is World Alzheimer Day. I had the opportunity to give some input into a project that the Alzheimer Society of Ontario is working on...more about that later this week!

To love living in a City (again)! My social life has improved 100% because of it and have been invited to events (mostly parties) every weekend for the next 4 weeks!

To hope that the NHL lockout ends soon. I LOVE hockey and don't want there to be too much of a delay for the start of the season, never mind have the season cancelled. In this situation, I am for the players- they are willing to continue playing with they work out an agreement...But Gary Betman won't let them. Without getting too much into it- I can feel a rant coming on- the players are just looking for a fair deal. As one of the players said; if you worked for a company that was making a profit and they asked you to take a 24% pay cut, would you?