Tuesday 31 December 2019

You Were So Good To Me, 2019

Dear 2019,

It breaks my heart to know that you are leaving me- and in a matter of hours. When we met a year ago, I had so much optimism for us, 2019, and you did not disappoint. You were everything I needed and when I needed it. Things weren't perfect- we had a couple of bumps in the road- but I knew you were by my side and would see me through. 

We got off to a quiet start, which is what I needed. You gave me time to heal from the abuse and negativity of 2018, but were still there to make sure I didn't dwell, and to give me glimpses of what could be. These little bits of encouragement were monumental in my healing. 

2019, you showed me the possibilities of what could be, what I deserved, and as each possibility passed- because it wasn't the right fit- you made sure the next possibility was even better than the last. You showed me a lot of possibilities in a short amount of time, but it really didn't take you long to bring the perfect opportunity my way. 

In March, you were by my side as I started a new job. While this job is one I have been doing for almost 10 years, you brought me into the public sector and a new industry. This is a dream company, with a dream team. Everyday I am excited to make my mark, accomplish goals, and cheer on my teammates. This is a company that rarely says they value employees but on a daily basis shows employees how much they are valued and appreciated- actions speak louder than words, right? I can't thank you enough, 2019, for introducing me to this opportunity and making sure I ended up where I was supposed to be.

S and I faced some challenges this year, but they made us and our relationship stronger. It helped us put things in perspective and to reaffirm our commitment to each other. We had many happy times together- way more happy than sad. I felt loved, appreciated and cared for. You allowed us to grow together and experience life together. You were there to encourage us as we supported one another through the downs, and celebrate with us through the ups. My favourite moments- a May afternoon by the lake, a summer day by a cornfield, drives down country roads, meals together- were simple ones, but happy ones. 

2019, you made sure I traveled- Kissimmee twice, Toronto, Moncton, Ottawa, Vancouver, Nashville, Anaheim, and Chicago. You took me east to Moncton, New Brunswick and west to Vancouver, BC. It was amazing to experience both provinces and two different parts of the country. I enjoyed learning and immersing myself in Arcadian culture, and seeing the Tidal Bore while out east. The afternoon spent in Stanley Park, including the Aquarium, and seeing the majestic mountains in the west was amazing- plus getting to spend time with my cousin!

Nashville was a trip of a lifetime. I loved experiencing and exploring the city! Country Music Hall of Fame, RCA Studio B, Hatch Print Shop, Bi-Centennial Park, Marathon Motorworks, Parthenon, Broadway...experienced so much. I truly enjoyed my time in Nashville and had a blast! 

Another fun trip, 2019? Anaheim! While the days were long and filled with meetings, the little extra time we had was so appreciated. It was amazing to be able to kick back and relax for a few hours and and have FUN. No agenda, no timelines, no expectations...just pure fun. We spent this time at California Adventure and Disneyland. Experiencing the magic of Disney at Christmas was the best way to be put in the holiday spirit. The fireworks and light show were amazing! We did so many rides, with Guardians of the Galaxy and Star Wars as major highlights! I can't remember the last time I laughed so much, had that much fun, or felt that carefree or pure joy. 

2019, Hometown Hockey was another once in a lifetime experience that you brought me. It was so great to go back to my hometown and celebrate hockey and what hockey means to our community. It was three days of hockey and I had a lot of fun being part of it! Being able to chat with Ron and Tara, connecting with former hockey players, and being part of the National live broadcast were truly memorable.

You really were so, so, so good to me, 2019. You lived up to expectations I didn't know where there, you brought me so much happiness, joy and promise. You took care of me, you guided me, you provided me the chance to explore and experience life, you made sure I ended up where I was supposed to be. 2019, you showed me I was valued, respected, appreciated- that I deserved to be valued, respected, appreciated. 

I really have no words, 2019, to express what you meant to me and how good you were to me.

2019, I know you are on the verge of leaving me- of moving on. I'm grasping to our last moments together before you introduce me to 2020. There are whispers that 2020 will be just as good to me as you were. I hope that's true.

Tomorrow is the first blank page of a 365 page book.
Write a good one.
-Brad Paisley

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