Thursday 2 January 2020

2020 Word Of The Year Is...

My 2019 word, Value, was the result of something that Graham, aka The 502 Kid aka Drunk Astrology. said to me towards the end of 2018:
"Human to human...everyone deserves to be valued."

And 2019 was the year of value. I valued my friends, family, relationship, and experiences. I went out of my way to let those I interacted with know that I valued them and what they were doing. I was very intentionally about valuing the people and experiences that came my way. 

2019 was also the year that I was truly valued. My family and friends have always made me feel valued. My work situations have always been a different story. I was always undervalued when it came to my work- the work I was doing, the people (superiors) I was working with, and the organizations I was working for. I was so undervalued that coworkers were going out of their way to comment on how much I wasn't being appreciated.

I started working in the private sector in 2019. The company I work for rarely says that they value employees, but they are showing on a daily basis that their employees are valued. I have never felt so valued, appreciated, or respected in a workplace before. 

When selecting my 2019 word, I wanted a word that I felt I could carry out long term for the year and not short term until a specific goal was accomplished. I felt that 'Value' did that. I want the same thing for my 2020 word:

It took me a long time to come up with my 2020 word. I didn't want to repeat a word that I had used in the past, and I wanted a word that I could carry throughout the year. I also wanted a word that I could apply to myself as well as my relationships with others, and any situations/experiences I found myself in. 

After a lot of thought I settled on Joy. I want to feel joy as I experience life and go through my days. Even if I am doing menial tasks or in a tough situation, I want to be able to find joy in everything. I also want to bring joy to other people's lives. I want people to feel joy when I'm around- whether that means just being in my presence or a shared experience, offering words of encouragement, or a random act of kindness. I want 2020 to be filled with joy for myself and those around me. 

In November 2019, a long time family friend- Patty- passed away unexpectedly. I reflect back on the last time I saw her, at a local restaurant, and I'm reminded of the animated way she waved to me, her smile, and the expression of joy on her face to see me. Patty was always so happy and excited to see people. Being in her presence was a pure joy. I want to make people feel the way Patty made me feel the last time-and every time- I saw her. 

In 2020, I want to be filled with joy for myself and those around me. Cheers to a joy filled year!! 

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