Thursday 26 December 2019

A Year In Review- 2019

2019 has gone by in the blink of an eye- \I can't believe we are already at the end of the year!! 2019 has been a good year to me. So, let's look back at some of the highlights...

January and February were two months full of interviews- 13 in total between the two months. I was so busy interviewing and applying for jobs, that I did very little else. January is a good friend's birthday month and she hosted a murder mystery dinner party. It was so fun to dress up and have a night out. February is my birthday. I spent the day with one of my best friends and we had a blast window shopping. The one thing I really wanted was a birthday donut, so we went to a café that makes their own donuts- only they were sold out!! My friend waited with me for about 45 minutes and made sure I got my birthday donut!!

March is when I got my dream job offer and started working for my dream company. Nine-ish months later, I am still loving every day with the company and the work I get to do. In April my dad and I were at our second home and the weather was awful- cold and rainy. So we went on an amazing road trip in the area- we went to see family friends, before going to see our ancestral home, into a couple of small towns, a craft brewery...a day that started with 'what are we going to do?' to one of the best days!!

I came home from work one day in May, and there was a surprise piece of mail from Royal Wood- one of my favourite performers!! At the end of June, I went to a see a movie- Mean Girls- in a vineyard with my cousin and another friend- it was so fun!!

July was a super busy month, as my company hosts a huge...HUGE...conference. This year, we were in Florida. While we had an intense week with a ton of work, the day after our conference we got to live #thecabanalife!! Gaylord Palms, out host hotel, gave us a cabana and the VIP treatment for the day. We had a lot of fun hanging out by the pool. 

My dad and I went on a "Three City, Two Province, One Week Tour' in August. I had the opportunity to visit New Brunswick for the first time and enjoyed my time in Moncton. I got to see the tidal bore- which was so cool! Followed this up by seeing Luke Bryan in September, which was a fun concert!!

I had a last minute trip to Vancouver, BC come up in October. This was the first time I visited BC. While it was a quick trip and I didn't have much time to truly explore Vancouver, I did have the chance to visit with one of my favourite cousins, who lives in Vancouver. It was so great to spend time with her and her husband!!

My hometown had the opportunity to host Rogers Hometown Hockey in November. It was a jam packed weekend celebrating hockey and our community. I had the chance to experience all the public events, and had the opportunity to attend a couple of VIP events/experiences.

This brings us to December, which has been a lot of fun!! I had the chance to travel to California on business, but found myself with 9 hours of free time- from 3pm-midnight. So, I headed off to California Adventure and Disneyland!! I don't remember the last time I had so much fun. We did a number of rides and laughed A LOT!!

January and February were not bad months, they were just quieter months with not a lot of highlights. I actually started 2019 off by going for a walk with my S.O. and his dog on New Year's day- this was probably my true January highlight, but I didn't have a picture to add to the collage! We have plans to do the same on January 1, 2020...I'm hoping this will become a tradition for us. Looking back on 2019 (with the exception of January/February), there were so many experiences and memories it was tough to pick one highlight per months.

I am hopeful that I will have just as many highlights in 2020!!

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