Thursday 12 December 2019

7 Christmas Movies: 2019 Edition

I have always been a fan of Christmas movies and try to watch as many of them as I can each holiday season- some of them multiple times!! I would be hard pressed to pick an all time favourite movie, or even a top three- it changes all the time and there are just sooooo many great movie to pick from!!

Here are- no particular order- the 7 Christmas movies I am loving this year!
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White Christmas This is a classic Christmas movie and features great musical numbers. Set in Vermont, singing sisters Betty and Judy team up with singing friends Bob and Phil to put on a performance to help save an inn. I'm really just here for the music and dance numbers.

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Christmas Inheritance Ellen Langford is on track to inherit her father's business when she has a little mishap at a Christmas party. Her father and his business partner have a Christmas tradition where they write each other a Christmas letter. Ellen is tasked with bringing this letter to Uncle Zeke in Snow Falls. Uncle Zeke is nowhere to be found and she needs to stick around until he shows up- the letter must be delivered in person. With limited resources and hiding her identity, Ellen starts helping out at the inn to help cover her expenses. A snowstorm hits, Ellen endears herself to the locals, and discovers the true meaning of Christmas.

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National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation I do love this movie, and it is a favourite of my boyfriend, so I had to include it on the list! The movie centers around the Griswald family and patriarch Clark trying to make Christmas the best ever. It starts with the family on the hunt for a Christmas tree and it goes downhill from there. One mishap after another make for an entertaining and memorable Christmas.

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Reunited at Christmas Samantha journeys home to spend one last Christmas with her family at her late grandmother's home. Reliving past family traditions, trying to write a new book, and navigating her relationship with her boyfriend-turned-fiancĂ© all while trying to find her Christmas spirit. 

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Two Turtle Doves Doctor Sharon heads home for the holidays to wrap up the last of her grandmothers estate. She's meet her grandmother's estate lawyer and his daughter who help her accomplish a list of Christmas traditions her grandmother tasked her with doing. While working through Christmas traditions, Doctor Sharon realizes one of the 12 Days of Christmas ornaments- the two turtle doves- is missing and she is desperate to find this family heirloom.

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Santa Girl Cassie Claus, Santa's daughter, has an arranged marriage with Jack Frost's son. Before getting married and taking over for her dad, Cassie want's the chance to experience the real world. Santa agrees to let Cassie go to college and assigns elf Pep to go with her and keep an eye on Cassie.

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I am counting these three movies as one (listed in the order they premiered). I love these movies because they happen year over year, we find out what has happened to characters since last Christmas, and get to experience Evergreen: 

Christmas in Evergreen Evergreen, Vermont resident Allie is trying to get to Washington, DC to see her boyfriend, while Ryan and his daughter Zoe are en route to Florida. Due to a snowstorm, flights are canceled and the trio head back to Evergreen. The town takes Christmas seriously and their annual Christmas festival is in jeopardy. Allie, Ryan and Zoe ens up staying in Evergreen- where wishes made with a magical snow globe come true. 

Christmas in Evergreen: Letters to Santa Welcome back to Evergreen, Vermont. As a small child, Lisa lived in Evergreen and decides to return as an adult. The General Store has closed and Lisa volunteers to get the store ready to show to perspective buyers. The General Store was home to Santa's mailbox, where a letter written 25 years ago is discovered. The letter is used to inspire Evergreen's Christmas celebration.

Christmas in Evergreen: Tidings of Joy Writer Katie travels to Evergreen to experience the town she has read so much about. While in Evergreen, she is asked to write a story for a magazine, and finds inspiration in the people and traditions of Evergreen. We also find out about a hidden time capsule that former residents put together and hid for future residents to find and enjoy. 

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