Wednesday 4 October 2017

Currently- October Edition

I haven't done a Currently post in ages!! What better time to do one than now?!
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I love this show! I'm excited that Season 4 has FINALLY started, but I am also watching Seasons 1-3 on Netflix

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I am a Sophie Kinsella fan, and I read this book for Book Club in March, but I wanted a lighthearted, easy read, so I am re-reading this book.
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 I am LOVING Thomas Rhett's new album- I have it on repeat!

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 I have been on a Gatorade kick the past few months, drinking a few bottles a week. Yellow (lemon lime) is one of my favourites. 

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Breakfast foods are my favourite, I will eat breakfast for all meals. 
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I had a pair of Havianas, which broke this summer. I am desperately wanting another pair- these are seriously the most comfortable flip flops ever!
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My love for the beach is well documented. While Summer is my favourite season, I do love Fall beach days too. The air is crisp, the water is cool but nice if the sun is out, the tourists are gone. There's just something about being at the beach, in shorts and a sweatshirt, with the wind in your hair. 

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