Wednesday 22 February 2017

Put A Bow On It February Deluxe Box Review

Put A Bow On It is a Canadian, monthly, lifestyle subscription box. I had subscribed to this box in the past and decided to give them another try. They offer two boxes, Premium (which I reviewed last week) and Deluxe, which I am reviewing today.

The Deluxe box is $36/month plus shipping. You will get 4-5 items a month that are lifestyle related and that fit the theme for that month. The Deluxe and Premium boxes have different themes and items. The theme for the February Deluxe box is Love and is said to have a retail value of $61.00
  • Votive Candle Holder & Candle This holder came in 4 different colours, and I'm glad that I got red- It's my favourite colour! In general, I'm not a fan of candle knick-knack-y/dust collector for me. With that said, it is pretty and I'm trying to think of another use for it. 
  • "If You Can Read This, Bring Me Some Wine" Socks How adorable are these socks?! I am not a fan of socks...I prefer bare feet and being able to wiggle my toes. Every once and awhile I do wear socks. Looking forward to wearing these!
  • Cherry Pick Double Pearl Earrings- Matte Black While...this exact same product, but in white, was in the Premium box. This is the first time, I believe, that Put A Bow On It has had the same product in the Deluxe and Premium boxes. I was disappointed to see a repeat product, but I do like the black earrings better than the white earrings. These are labelled as "pearl" earrings, but they are actually black ball earrings. 
  • Gold Feather Stemless Champagne Glasses- Set of 2 I. Love. These! I had never heard of stemless champagne glasses, but these are great! I'm excited to add them to my bar!
I don't necessarily think that subscriptions boxes need to have a crazy value, but I do think that the value of the box should at least equal the price of the box. I know the product cards (which does not list individual prices) says the box has an $61 value...I have a hard time believing that. I think, at best, this box has a $40-$45 value. I'm ok with this, because that's about what I paid. 

A lot of people prefer the Premium Box because of the 'higher value'. I actually prefer the Deluxe box- at least for February, I thought the Deluxe box was a better value and contained better items. I'm not really sure how the items fit the "Love" theme, but I still think there were some great items this month!

As a Canadian, I really want to support this Canadian Subscription and I really want to love it. for March, I canceled my Premium subscription and am just subscribe to the Deluxe. I'm going to try it out for a couple more months and see  what happens.  

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