Tuesday 21 February 2017

Hey, It's Ok

With Amber from Airing My Dirty Laundry

To have had a relaxing Family Day Weekend. Spent time with my parents and sister, and got to see a bunch of my cousins too!!

That I am looking forward to pottery painting with friends tonight! I did it last year with a different group of friends and had so much fun! I'm not sure what I am going to paint tonight...but I know it'll be fun!

To be obsessed with the TV show Tiny House Hunters.Some of those houses are so small. It's fun to see how they maximize the use of space and all the different characteristics of the houses.

That I had a fantastic birthday last week! Spoiled by friends and family, relaxing spa day, and a delicious dinner. I really couldn't have asked for much more.

To be loving the beautiful Spring-like weather we have been having!! Loved being able to spend so much time outside the past few days...plus all of the sunshine!!

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  1. My highlight of the week was chatting with you last night for almost 2 hours hehehe