Tuesday 14 February 2017

Hey, It's Ok

With Amber from Airing My Dirty Laundry

To be celebrating my birthday today by taking the day off, going for a facial, and then dinner with a friend. I am looking forward to a relaxing day. 
That, after all these years, it still bothers me that Valentine's Day still overshadows my birthday. It really sucks.
To not be "celebrating" Valentine's Day. It's an overrated "holiday". 

That I am looking forward to some travel plans I have set for later this year. I will be traveling within Canada, but they are going to be interesting, fun trips.

To be looking forward to a long weekend this weekend. We always spend Family Day Weekend at our second home. I haven't been there since Christmas, so I'm looking forward to being in town!

That I love Flamingos. Love them. My bathroom is being decorated with flamingos. I had had a couple of friends incorporate flamingos into my birthday gifts.

To be excited that KA Tucker (my favourite author) has not one but TWO books coming out this year!! Until It Fades will be released May 2 and Keep Her Safe will be released on August 1.

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