Tuesday 1 July 2014

Canada Day

Happy Canada Day!!! It is a beautiful and sunny day here in Southern Ontario and I plan on spending the majority of the day outside...specifically at the beach!

I am so incredibly proud to be Canadian and love everything my country has to offer. I've done a fair bit of traveling and, in my opinion, no other country has been able to match the beauty and diversity of Canada. Canada is this little gem that often gets overlooked. 
I have an entire pinterest board dedicated to Canada, showing images from coast to coast to coast- from the Sea to Sky Highway in British Columbia to Peggy's Cove lighthouse in Nova Scotia to the igloos in our Northern Territories.

Tourism Canada asked Canadians to share their Canada, here is two minutes, from 65 hours of footage that was received: 

Canadian Tourism has a ton of videos on youtube showcasing different aspects of Canada. You can find them here.
Last year, I co-hosted a Canada Day link up for Canadian bloggers, which you can find here. All of my posts about Canada, including 5 Questions- Canada (where Canadian bloggers shared info on their home provinces) can be found here.

Finally, how can we celebrate Canada Day without a little Classified??


  1. i woke up this morning and told Andrew if i was in Ontario today, i'd take you to eat;)
    happy Canada Day

  2. I want to visit Canada so bad! I've always wanted to, I think it would be beauitful, from what I've seen. I hope you enjoy your time at the beach!