Wednesday 9 July 2014

Secret Skillz

Tonight, after work, we are having a board/staff social. My boss asked us all to send her a skill that we have that no one else (on staff) knows about. This will be used for an icebreaker. For the past two weeks, I have been trying to come up with a skill. I have asked my co-workers to help me, I've asked my friends for ideas, I've turned to my family for help. I've come up empty handed.

Now, if this was a 'provide a fun fact about yourself' or 'tell us about a unique experience' or 'unknown personality characteristics' or... I would have a million and one answers. But secret skill? I've got nothing. 
I don't speak another language, play an instrument, starred in a school play. I haven't won awards for a skill, aced a school subject or made a scientific discovery. I can't juggle, whistle or say the alphabet backwards. I don't play air guitar, count by multiple of sevens or paint- pieces of art or walls. 

Here are six of my rejected skill suggestions:

1. Good at getting out of cleaning- suggested by an ex-boyfriend, because when we dated I had a housekeeper, and thus did not have to clean.

2. Recite every line from my favourite movie- I have a number of favourite movies and I can't recite a quote from any of them, never mind every line.

3. Needlepoint- a co-worker mentioned she used to crochet, which inspired this potential skill. In grade 2, we learned to needlepoint for art. This is something I haven't done since grade two, added to the fact that I can't remember anything that I needlepointed or where it now is, it was determined that I can't claim this as a skill.

4. Organization- And then we looked at my office-which gets messier and more disorganized by the day.

5. Knowing people- I know a lot of really interesting, semi-famous people. I was told this is not a skill, just a "fun fact" about me.

6. My toes don't bend- I even demonstrated this...I can kinda wiggle my toes, but they don't bend. I can, however, do this with my toes:
My big tow won't bend like the rest of my toes. A co-worker said this was not a skill, but a deformity. Another friend said it was a disability. A social worker also said it wasn't a skill, but I seemed pretty confident about it and maybe I could still use it. My boss told me to come up with another skill, that I'm better than this.

I have until 3pm to come up with a skill and I've got nothing. Blogging did come up, but I don't think this is something I want all of my co-workers to know about. So, I am skill-less.

Is lack of a skill a skill?


  1. I think blogging is a great skill, they don't need to know the name of your blog, you can even mention that guy from twitter( i think) that is popular singer or something, maybe im losing my mind, but I think he follows your blog or has read it..

    another skill: you are an incredible hostess and you make your friends feel welcomed and loved <3

  2. I don't think I'd be able to come up with a secret skill either...

  3. I was thinking about this myself last night. Don't feel bad because I'm pretty skill less too. I'm good at aggravating people though, hehe. Yeah it's hard but someone has to do it. Happy Wednesday!