Monday 3 March 2014

10 Favourite Things: The Place You Call Home

Happy Monday and happy March!! I had a pretty good weekend...I saw some cousins, it was my mom's birthday, and my uncle got married!! I am so, so, so happy for him and his new wife!! 

Today, I'm linking up with Brianna for 10 Favourite Things. Every month, Brianna comes up with a topic and then bloggers list their 10 favourite things about that topic. The topic for March is: The Place You Call Home.

Here are my 10 favourite things about the place I call home, Ontario.
  1. Muskoka- One of the most beautiful parts of not just Ontario, but Canada. The Muskokas are one of my absolute favourite things about Ontario. I previously wrote about my love for the Muskokas here and here.
  2. Toronto- While I would never want to live in Toronto, I do like to visit. There is so much to do in Toronto; museums, art galleries, the zoo, the different neighbourhoods and districts. tons of amazing restaurants and shops, live theatre and concerts, plus all of the different events. There is something for everyone. I was in Toronto about a month ago, you can read about my trip here.
  3. TIFF- Ontario is also home to the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF). 12 Years a Slave, August: Osage County, Dallas Buyers Club, Omar, Philomena and Gravity all played at TIFF in 2013.
  4. Joffrey Lupul- Toronto Maple Leaf Joffrey Lupul may or may not have been mentioned on my blog before. 'Joffrey Lupul' for the past few months has been one of the top searches that have led people to my blog. While he isn't originally from Ontario, he does live here during the NHL season. Besides being attractive, an NHL All-Star and having an amazing sense of style, Joffrey is also a philanthropist and a supporter of our Canadians Troops.
  5. Lakes- Ontario is on 5 of the 6 Great Lakes and home to approximately 250,000 freshwater lakes. Tons of great fishing, sailing/boating, swimming, etc. Living in a province with so many lakes, no wonder I like water so much!
  6. Four Seasons- In Ontario, we get to experience the cold and beauty of winter, the rain and new life of spring, the fun and heat of summer, and the breath taking colours and crisp air of autumn.
  7. Niagara Wineries- I'm not 100% sure how many wineries are in the Niagara Region, but there are at least 80, including Ravine. Each winery has it's own history and story. The properties are beautiful and so diverse; some overlook a great lake and others look as if you are in Italy. Even just driving or biking around the area is an experience.
  8. Brock University- My alma mater is turning 50 this year! We have won 100 athletic championships and house the Canadian Wine Collection (43,000 bottles). Not only is Brock growing and becoming a leader in research, the campus is gorgeous and located at the top of the Niagara Escarpment. Plus, the Alumni get to do some pretty cool, fun things, like Dragon Boating.
  9. Northern Lights- While you can't always see them and they aren't visible all over Ontario, you can see the Northern Lights in Northern Ontario, and if the conditions, are right, you can also see them in more southern parts of the province. The colours-green, red and purple- are breath taking and a "must see".
  10. There's No Place Like This-


  1. Sounds like a beautiful area. I would love to see the Northern Lights...they're breathtaking I'm sure!

  2. How awesome! It sounds amazing. Never been to Canada- the closest I've been is Montana haha. But I would love to visit someday! Thanks for linking up!