Friday 21 March 2014

Team Annabelle

We all know about the blogging community; the special friendships that only other bloggers can understand, an international network, a personal support system...all of the benefits. We also know how generous, kind and thoughtful bloggers can be. 
I will admit, I am not very good at being part of the blogging community in general. I am so busy with my everyday life, that I squeeze in blogging moments when I can. Unfortunately, it means that I miss out on a lot of blogger community moments. But, c'est le vie.
However, there was no way I could pass up on the opportunity to be part of Team Annabelle! 
Jen, from JVKom Chronicles, initiated this whole thing, in support of Annabelle from The Carolina Country Girl, who was recently diagnosed with Hodgkin's Lymphoma. The reasoning, the timing...everything surrounding this is a demonstration of the true spirit of the blogging community.

While I can't imagine what Annabelle is going through right now...I did want to show my support. Annabelle believes that everything happens for a reason. I believe this too. I also believe that God never gives you more than you can handle. 

When it comes to be encouraging and 'saying the right thing', I become a really awkward person. I'm not great at giving advice or insight...but I'm ok with that. I know my shortcoming and accept them. But, I do know how to make people laugh. 

So, Annabelle, in the midst of the touching, supportive, insightful and kind words all the other bloggers will be sharing with you, I'm happy to share a few things I find funny. 

Laughter, after all, is the best medicine.

If you would like to be part of Team Annabelle, or if you want to see what members of Team Annabelle have done, please go here.
Annabelle can be found here

You can also show support on social media by using #TeamTCCG.


  1. Melissa! This is awesome! Thank you so much for being a part of #TeamTCCG!

  2. MARCELL THE SHELL IS MY FAVORITE and I must re watch it.

  3. You are too sweet! Thanks for your support! It's amazing how one person can rally together so many people for support!