Wednesday 19 March 2014

Life Update: Psychic Predictions, Birthday Celebrations & Alumni Outings

I realized I hadn't done a life update in a while and I was struggling with a topic for this blog entry...problem, solution, so here we go!!
I had a ton going on during the month of February aka my birthday month. This was a month full of meetings- 19 in total, plus 5 networking events. In between meetings, I did manage to take 5 days off as well as really enjoy and celebrate my birthday!

There were a ton of birthday celebrations, including a trip to Toronto, being spoiled by my Secret Sister and seeing David Myles in concert (where I spoke to him after his show, he told me he checked out my blog and that it was "pretty cool").
I had lunch with a friend and her new baby. It was great to see them both and spend time with them.
Of course I had some Brock Alumni events in February too! We started the month off with a Brock vs Laurier basketball game (both men and women). I had planned to go, but a snowstorm kept me at home. We did a social where we met for dinner/drinks, followed by skating and then to a cafe for live music and hot chocolate! I had a blast and the company was amazing.
I attended another Brock Alumni event hosted with the Hamilton Ti-Cats. It was pretty cool to learn about their new stadium and meet people who work for the Ti-Cats. This was another really fun, unique event and I hope to write a more detailed post about this event soon.
And of the non-birthday highlights was a visit to a psychic! My friend is actually a psychic and she lives about an hour and a half away from me. Another friend (the one who hosted my actual birthday) and I took a Tuesday off and went to the psychic for readings. 
I always go with an open mind and the mindset that it will be fun and interesting to hear what she has to say. A number of things that she said in my reading have since happened, but the best one was this:
Psychic: Who's Steve?
Me: That's my Uncle.
Psychic: Is he getting married?
Me: Uhhh...No (thinking to myself...there is no way he's going to marry his girlfriend of 6ish months that I've only met once. Not going to happen).
Psychic: Well something big is going to happen to him, like a wedding. I see people being happy for him and congratulating him.

Friday, as in 4 days later, after work my dad sends me a text to say that my Uncle Steve is getting married THE NEXT DAY!!! My mind was blown! I was (and still am) so happy for my Uncle and his new wife!

After speaking to my Uncle, I sent Psychic a text saying my he was getting married. She replied with, "I've still got it!!"

February was such a busy, fun and exciting month!! I know that March is more than half over, but I'll save my March doings for another day. 

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  1. Wow, that's crazy about the psychic predicting your uncle Steve's wedding!!! Sounds like you have been having fun lately!