Tuesday 18 February 2020

Forever In...Watches

An ex-boyfriend used to celebrate career milestones by purchasing a new watch. Every watch he owned was tied to an accomplishment he was proud of...if you asked about a watch in his collection, he could tell you what he did to earn that particular watch.  

Four years ago, I accomplished something in my career that I agreed should be celebrated but didn't consider a career milestone. In retrospect, I still see it as a huge accomplishment, but not a milestone- it wasn't career defining or even something I call out on my resume. My then-boyfriend disagreed and bought me a watch to commemorate the accomplishment. I still have-and wear- that watch.

I do think watches are practical and that everyone should have at least one good watch in their collection. If I were in a the market for a watch, here are a few I would consider buying:

Image via Hudson's Bay

Mesmerize Stainless Steel & Swarovski Crystal Bracelet Watch by Calvin Klein- I love the stainless steel and black contract...this is such a classic look.

Image via Hudson's Bay
Riley Rose Gold Watchby Fossil- I am a fan of the chunkier band/larger face mens-style watches. The stones added a feminine feel.

Image via Hudson's Bay
Stainless SteelBracelet Watch by GUESS- I love that this looks more like a bracelet than a watch.

Image via Kate Spade New York

Metro Navy LeatherWatch by Kate Spade New York- While I like the contrast of the smaller band with the big face dial, the reason I like this watch is the cocktail where the five should be. The watch also says "somewhere" on it. I love adorable details like this that Kate Spade is known to include.

Image via Ralph Lauren

The Slim ClassiqueCollection 38 MM While Gold by Ralph Lauren- Ralph Lauren as a brand is known for being timeless (ha!) and classic. This is a watch that will never go out of style.

Image via Tiffany & Co
Tiffany 1837Makers 22 mm Square Watch by Tiffany & Co- Is there a better way to celebrate than with Tiffany & Co?! Love the pop colour that the Tiffany Blue adds to this watch and any outfit it's worn with.

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