Monday 14 January 2019

Plot Twist

Recently, I had two bombshells dropped on me. Both were related to the same aspect of my life and definitely threw me for a loop. Realistically, I should have known something would come up. No matter how great, wonderful, perfect something is, there are always highs and lows. 

I had to ask myself "Where do I go from here?". It was an uncomfortable thought, uncomfortable reality. The first time around, I decided that I just had new information and that didn't really change anything. Everything was still great and I needed to not dwell. It took me four or five days, a lot of tears, silence, and conversation to get there. 

The second time was harder. It made me question what else I didn't know, what else would be brought to my attention. There were a lot of questions and uncertainty. Do I make a clean break and walk away? Do I stay and try and figure things out? Do I act like nothing has happened? Do I put my guard up and slowly push away from the situation?

In the midst of agonizing over the situation, I came across this quote: 

This is just a plot twist. It adds another element to my story, but it's not worth dwelling on. It is what it is. I can't go back and change matter how much I think about it. I need to be present in the moment, focus on now.

I can stay and see what happens, or I can walk away. 

Either way, I need to move on.

This is just a plot twist.

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