Monday 7 January 2019

My Path

I will admit, it took me a couple of tries to write this blog post. I kept changing my mind on the quote, on the reflection, on what I wanted to share. 

The past month and a half-ish, I have been happy. Sure, there is a fairly big situation I need to take care of, and I have a somewhat big worry in my life right now...but I'm working on them both, and I am hopefully they will both be taken care of soon. Despite these two things, I have been happy.

My life path has changed. At times I feel some anxiety about it, but then my family/friends/S.O. remind me that things will work out, they remind me how great I am, and they remind me how much they believe in me, how I did the right thing, that there are better things coming, and how proud they are of me.  

When I first saw this quote, I took it as something you could say to someone else- my path doesn't look like your path, and that's ok, don't judge me. In looking at the quote today, it's something I can say to myself; my path is different than I had intended or planned, but that's not a bad thing. Just because my path suddenly changed, doesn't mean I am lost, headed in a negative direction, that I need help, or that I am doomed. 

My path is now different because I was on the wrong path. I was losing who I was, I was losing sight of what mattered to me, I was losing my priorities and focus, I was losing my happiness. I was clearly lost, even if I didn't realize it at the time. 

Since my path changed, I found clarity and freedom. I realigned my priorities, and am focusing on a new task. I rediscovered my happiness and what makes me happy. I know, I hope, in the coming weeks my path will change yet again. I know that it will be a different path, but it will also be the path I am supposed to be on. 

Just because things aren't as I had intended, hoped, planned...I know there are better intentions, hopes, plans...and I will encounter them on this path.

I'm not lost, I'm just on my own, unique journey. 

It's ok if it's not the journey you think I should be on.

It's ok if it's not the journey I had thought I wanted to be on.

This is the path, the journey, I was meant to have.

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