Wednesday 21 June 2017

From The Archives: Let It Rain

I have a life that I love and I have many, many, many great things going for me. About two weeks ago, there was a very confusing conversation with someone who claimed I was one of his best friends. From there, things went downhill. It was one thing after another- all unrelated, but all negative. I'm pretty tough and I can take a lot...but there was a final blow- someone I thought would always be there for me- that has really gotten to me. All of the situations and circumstances added up and really got to me, if I'm being honest. 

On the weekend, I was able to escape. It's a place I run to, and I had the added bonus of being alone that weekend. Time to be by myself, do what I want, process thoughts, and refocus. The weather, of course, got in the way of my plans. Instead of being at the beach, I was under a covered porch during a thunder storm. 

As I was mesmerized by the storm, I was reminded of situation years ago where I found myself caught in the rain. I was reminded of how much happiness that situation brought me, and realized I needed to stop focusing on all the little things that I could have done differently and start focusing on the small, simple pleasures of life- like playing in the rain. 

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