Thursday 15 June 2017

Legally Blonde Movie Night Checklist

A few months ago, one of my sorority sisters mentioned she had never seen Legally Blonde. My reaction, was a resounding "WHAT?!". How was it possible that she had never seen this movie?!  I told her that we would have to do a screening of the movie.
Due to busy schedules, our Legally Blonde movie night is on our 'to do list'. If we plan it right, we might be able to do an outdoor screening. I outdoor movies- on the side of your house or on your garage or if you don't have a blank wall, on a sheet- make my list of favourite summer activities. 

I was recently inspired to create my own movie night. I knew right away that I wanted to centre my movie night around Legally Blonde. With some help from Pure Flix, below you will find my list of essentials to help create the ultimate movie night in.

Legally Blonde is a light hearted, fun movie with lots of colour- especially pink! I want  the food and drink for movie night to align with this.

First of all, I want my guests to be comfortable! Whenever I have people over for a girls night, I have a strict pajama/yoga pants/comfy clothes policy. Not only do I want my guests to dress comfy, but I also want them to be comfortable, so I pull out all of the pillows and blankets that I own. My guests are free to use what they would like and sit- or lie- where they want.

What's a movie without popcorn? Sure, you can have regular, old popcorn...or you can have birthday cake batter popcorn! This is super easy to make, really yummy, and the sprinkles add a lot fun to your popcorn! While popcorn is a movie essential, I know that a lot of people like to snack on candy while watching a movie, so I like to set up a candy bar. My go-to movie candy includes peanut butter M&Ms, red licorice, Malt Balls, and Peppermint Pattys. I usually ask my guests to bring their favorutite movie candy to be added to the candy bar.

Whenever I have people over, I like to have a signature drink. The signature is usually a pink flamingo. I like this drink as the signature drink for this movie night because it's pink and fits the feel for this screening, plus it can be made as an alcoholic or non-alcoholic drink.

I make sure to have pink paper plates and napkins set out for my guests. I will decorate the food & beverage area with signs related to the movie- Bend and snap, Delta Nu letters, the stylized Harvard 'H'. You can print these out from a computer and either stick them on the wall or fit them into dollar store frames. Just something fun to tie elements of the movie into our night. I'm sure if you search 'Legally Blonde decor' on Pinterest, tons of ideas and how to's will come up.

Finally, I like to have a little gift for my guests so that they can remember the fun night we had. I like to give something practically and that they will use. I tend to gift drinkware to my guests- they can use it during movie night and then bring it home. You can usually pick up cute glasses at a dollar store or on etsy.

There you have must haves for a Legally Blonde movie night!

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  1. Legally Blonde is one of my favorite movies! We just watched it on Netflix the other day!