Saturday 31 December 2016

Thank You, 2016.

Dear 2016, 

Here we are at the end of our relationship. We both know it's over and time to move on. We've run our course. I'm actually sad that we are parting ways, but know this is what;s best for both of us. You were good to me. Don't get me wrong...we had our negative experiences- dealing with a "management" company and a certain relationship quickly come to mind- but over all, you were good to me.

You brought me new and strengthened friendships. With these friendships, you brought a lot of laughter, memories, and experiences. From girls nights to new places to eat, it was all fun and games. There was so much socializing, going out at least once a week. When we first got together, I was hoping to be more social, to spend more time with friends. Thank you for making this happen.
A friend from high school started a Book Club. It was great to connect with old friends after all these years. I love being introduced to new genres and authors. I love seeing everyone once a month for a night out and a great discussion. 

Being part of a Book Club was a new experience. You gave me a couple of other new experiences- home ownership and traveling to the Prairies- more on both of those in a bit. I tried new foods- beef cheek, Asian desserts, and escargot. I put myself out there...that outcome is still to be seen. I took up the form of Paint Nites...but I did three of them! While not new experiences...I went back to Indian Head Massage and Reiki...with a brand new (to me) practitioner- Emily.
Professionally, you have been good to me too. Funding was approved to make the temporary portion of my job permanent, resulting in a full-time, permanent position. You gave me the chance to work on a documentary premiere, a multi-day international conference, and be part of founding of a brand new annual conference. I launched the start of taking leadership courses and look forward to continuing the courses in 2017. 

There was also the chance to apply for a new job- which I didn't get. But that situation showed me that there are possibilities. It was a chance to show people that I have a lot of great skill sets and that I am multi-faceted. More importantly, it was an opportunity to see how many people were invested in me and believe in me.
You gave me great opportunities too. I had the chance to attend the Women's World Hockey Championships and cheer on Team Canada. Watching the Steel Blade Classic and Dragon Boat Championships for VIP areas. Being in not one but two parades. The opportunity to see different parts of Canada.

I got to visit two places I had never been before- Ottawa and Moose Jaw. Everyone, myself included, was surprised that I had never been to our Nation's capital. While it was fun to connect with work colleagues and visit some of our programs, and it was fun to be with all the politicians and politically connected, I really enjoyed being able to see different landmarks in Ottawa and to visit the National Art Gallery- a must do for me when I was in Ottawa. 

As for Moose Jaw...while this was a work-related trip, I had a blast! Again, fun to connect with colleagues and our programs, but also fun to explore and experience Moose Jaw, even if the Tunnels of Moose Jaw were the only 'touristy' thing we did. My first trip to Saskatchewan was a blast and I would love to go back!

While I'm not sure what the highlight of our year together was, I think buying a condo is pretty high up there! After months of searching, I finally found the perfect place to call home. It was everything I was looking for- and move in ready! I am so happy to call this place home. I'm still organizing and getting settled...but I definitely LIVE here- it feels like home and it's all mine.  
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Thank you, 2016. Thank you for all you gave me and all you did for me. I've grown as a person and have been given so much during our year together. You have made me better, stronger, happier. I will forever be grateful and thankful. I know I couldn't have done it without you. 

I'm going to try things with 2017...I hope 2017 will be at least as good to me as you were- if not better.

I wish you well, 2016.

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