Monday 5 December 2016

Inspire Me: Blessed

Last week, I found myself in tears because I was so stressed out and frustrated by a situation. A situation, at the time and still now, I realized was so insignificant in the grand scheme of things and something that I was overthinking. There was this moment in my life, that should have been a very happy moment, I should have been celebrating. Instead, I was panicking and stressed. My dad reminded that I shouldn't let this situation ruin a happy moment. I knew he was right, but easier said than done. 

I tried not to think about the situation. I told myself it would be ok, that I could do it, it was all going to be ok. I kept saying this and I knew it was correct. But I was still stressing.

But then I saw this quote on Facebook:

Image result for stop focusing on how stressed you are 
I wouldn't say that I was focusing on how stressed I was, but I was spending too much time and energy focusing on a situation that was causing stress. Seeing this quote reminded me to focus on how blessed I am. The situation that was causing stress came to be because of a huge blessing I was given- a number of blessings actually. There were circumstances and situations that allowed me to have this experience, and a small part of the experience was causing me stress. 

I switched my focus from worry to thankful. It changed my perspective on the situation. It helped me remain calm. Will the situation isn't 100% for me at the moment, and it does cause a bit of anxiety, I remind myself to stay calm, go slow, take my time. And, that it is actually a blessing. 

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