Monday 4 July 2016

Inspire Me: Future Imagined

Happy Monday!! I hope everyone had a fantastic weekend. It was a long weekend for my Canadian friends- we had Friday off for Canada Day- and is a long weekend for my American friends- Independence Day. 
This past weekend, I also had the opportunity to share my second home with one of my longest standing friends- it was fun to show her around- and I had the opportunity to celebrate my great-grandmother's birthday! I love seeing and spending time with my grandma.

Anyway, life has been pretty busy these past few months, but a lot of fun too!! I went through a period (that lasted a few years), were things were not happy or positive and I kept pushing through, hoping things would get better. Better they did get! I had no idea that I would ever be this happy, appreciated, satisfied, or fulfilled. My life has done a 180 in the past year and a half. I am so blessed and thankful.
This quote isn't necessarily one of my favourites- I do like it a lot- but it applies to me 100%. This quote is a great reminder when plans veer off track or you get frustrated with the way life is going. I am constantly reminding myself that my past is not a reflection of my future- all of the negative I experienced won't follow me into my future. The future is bright and will be better than expected.

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  1. Welcome Back. I missed you.
    I love how your life has changed and I love being your friend