Tuesday 5 July 2016

Hey, It's Ok!

Airing My Dirty Laundry

To have taken a very extended blogging break. And to be back to blogging. 

That I don't like that Big Brother brought back former houseguests, especially since- in my opinion- they brought back annoying houseguests. 

To love everything that K.A. Tucker writes. If you like to read, you MUST check out her books! I'm a HUGE fan of hers and have not been able to put down any of her books. I have recruited a number of co-workers to the K.A. Tucker fan club too!

That after months of searching, I still haven't found a condo to buy. The right place, at the right time, will come along. I need to continue to be patient.

To being looking forward to an event that I am working on for later this month- there will be food trucks!!

That I am excited that a friend from high school- who I have recently reconnected with- has decided to start a book club!! I'm looking forward to reading and being introduced to new books and authors, as well as the socializing that will come along with it!

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