Thursday 10 September 2015


When I was in university, I had a friend who would do a daily high/low; each day, she would state what the high point of her day was and what the low point was. There was always a high, and always low. 

I liked this concept...finding the good and bad in your day; being thankful for the good and realizing that the bad really wasn't that bad. I mean sometimes the lows were pretty bad, but for the most part... You realize how good you actually have it. 

High/Low is something I would love to do on a daily basis...write them down, track them, be able to look back on them. I actually have a notebook that is designated for recording the daily high/low. I'm just not that good actually writing every day; I get home late and am tired, I don't have my notebook with me, or I just forget. 

We all have days, were it just seems like the worse day ever; everything that can go wrong does, days where we should have just stayed in bed. Those are the days where it can be the hardest to find good in the can really be a struggle, but there is good, it is there. You just need to look for it.

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  1. I love the idea, makes us more introspective and appreciative I think. And acknowledging the lows is letting it go.. Wise friend.

    Hope you're doing alright hun