Friday 11 September 2015

Fashion Friday- Sleepwear

Happy Friday!! I am so happy that this week is FINALLY over! It was a pretty good week, but I am definitely ready for the weekend!! Things have been so crazy, busy and a tad dramatic...I am ready to pull on my pj's and spend the weekend with Netflix. Unfortunately, I won't have that opportunity as I have a busy weekend ahead of me...but a girl can dream!!

And what girl wouldn't want to be dreaming (or watching Netflix) in this outfit?!

Robe // Tank // Slipper // Shorts
While do sleep in our sleepwear, we also lounge in our sleepwear; comfort is key, but so is style- and something you can wear around others!

Since the weather is still warm, I am all about the sleep short. They are so,so, so comfortable, and there are some super cute styles and prints available. But sometimes it's good to keep it pretty classic,  with these black shorts with white lace trim.

The perfect compliment to sleep shorts? A sleep tank!! Again a super comfy piece and still appropriate for the warm weather. I love this bright pink colour!!

Personally, I don't like slippers. Or socks. I spend as much time as possible barefoot. But these slippers were too cute not to share, and they just go so well with the shorts and tank.

While this outfit doesn't necessarily need a never know when you might need to throw one on and I believe that every girl should have a lux robe in her wardrobe. This CK robe is perfect! 

I hope everyone has a great weekend- and that you get to spend sometime in comfy sleepwear!!

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