Monday 24 August 2015

Pretty Little Beauty Swap-Reveal

My dear, sweet friend Justine hosts a fantastic swap; Pretty Little Beauty Swap. There are so many bloggers that love subscriptions boxes (me being one of them) and we've all received items in the subscriptions boxes that are great, but not great for you. This swap allows you to pass on items that just weren't for you- either a product you don't use or a colour that's not right for your complexion or a product that you have a million of and just won't end up using. It's a great way to pass on products and share favourite products with another beauty-loving blogger!!

One of me favourite part of this swap, is that I am always paired with another Canadian!! I love meeting new bloggers, especially Canadian bloggers. For this swap, I was paired with Lindsay from The Flynnigans and she has quickly become a new friend! We would would have loved to meet up in person to exchange our packages, but summer activities kept that from happening.

Lindsay absolutely spoiled me!!
Balea 3-1 Cleansing Cloths- I LOVE Balea face and hair masks (which I sent Lindsay!!), as well as foot scrubs. I have never tried their cleansing cloths, so I'm excited that Lindsay sent them to me! I use cleansing cloths all. the. time. One of my 'must have' beauty products for sure. 

e.o.s. Lip Balms in Summer Fruit, Blueberry Acai and Sweet Mint- I also sent an e.o.s. lip balm to Lindsay...and these are another one of my beauty 'must have'. I was actually introduced to these by another Pretty Little Beauty swap partner and have used them ever since! I'll be keeping one at my desk, one at home and one in my purse, and these are three I haven't tried yet!

Rimmel London Volume Flash Scandal Eyes Mascara- I have known about this brand for years and years, but have never tried any of their products! I am always on the hunt for a great mascara, so I'm excited to try this!!

Anna Sui Lip Balm- First of all, super cute packaging! Another product I haven't tried...but I'm excited that Lindsay sent it! I'm basically addicted to lip balm.

Coach Purfume- This smells amazing!!! Plus this is the perfect size to keep in my bag.

Maybelline Eyeshadow in Sunlit Bronze- I love this palette!! This is perfect for me and something I will definitely wear! I'm not one to wear a lot of colour when it comes to eyeshadow and tend to stick to neutrals and bronzes. 

Vaseline Intensive Care Dry Skin Repair- Thanks in part to Ontario weather, I have the driest skin ever. I'm constantly applying moisturizer and on the hunt for moisturizer that will work. I just put some on, and my skin is feeling some relief.

Lindsay also sent the cutest card with the sweetest message! Seriously, I love this girl!!!
To see what I sent Lindsay, check out her reveal post.  

Huge thanks to Justine and Chelsea for hosting! Click here to see the rest of the link up.


  1. FUN! I did a swap like this once and it was one of the best ever! Such a great way to discover new beauty must haves! Looks like you got some fabulous stuff!

  2. I read this but was crazy busy yesterday and didn't get to leave a comment like I had wanted.

    I'm SO SO happy you liked everything. I hope you like the Anna Sui lip balm - it smells magical and it's nice on your lips.

    Thank YOU so much for everything again!! Far too kind and thoughtful, you're awesome!! Love you girl! xo

  3. This is such a great idea! I also receive beauty subscription boxes that have items I'll never use and don't really know what to do with them. You got some really nice things. Thanks for sharing your goodies. :)

  4. Thanks so much for joining us for another round. I hope that you get to meet her in person! Looks like she sent you some amazing things!