Thursday 27 August 2015

Apartment Sweet Apartment- Reading Nook & The Coolest Chair

It has been ages since I shared anything about my apartment, so I thought I would today! For well over a year, I have wanted to share a little reading nook area that I created. But first, some background.

My living room is odd shaped:

Photo take the day I moved in...hence no furniture.
I did end up finding a bar that I feel in love with and after months of debate, I made the commitment and bought the bar. It will end up being featured on the blog at some point. There was some space beside the bar, but I was happy to leave it empty (and use it to store my balcony table during the winter).
Well over a year ago, we sold my great-grandparents house. Before the sale, family went through the house and picked items they wanted to keep. The rest was sold at a garage sale. I worked the garage sale and I was talking to a couple my age about a sectional couch in the basement.

Couch on the right...also, I loved that carpet!
The conversation was about how you would never find a couch like it these days...nothing that shape and nothing with that pattern. We all agreed it was a really cool, unique piece. After they left, I knew I had to take a part of the couch for my apartment- it was too awesome not to. The question was, which part? I knew what part I wanted (the piece that's front facing in the photo, with the round pillow) but wasn't sure I could fit it in my car or apartment. 

There was an end piece (not pictured) that would be perfect for the corner of the nook beside the bar. Plus, it would make the best reading/lounging chair. I brought the end piece of the couch back to my apartment and did some styling:

LOVE how this turned out!!! The dark piece on the right side of the picture is the bar.
This is the part of the blog where you would find links to where you can find the pieces pictured...unfortunately, there are no links. 

  • Lamp (which needs a light bulb) was purchased from the now defunct Zellers; I bought the lamp while the store was liquidating.
  • Blanket was a gift from a sorority sister. It is so soft and comfy! No idea where she bought it from.
  • The table was actually made by my great-grandfather. I loved it and took it for my apartment, knowing I would eventually find a spot for it.
  • Flowers came from a local florist and they are in a mason jar from my great-grandparents house. I always have fresh flowers on this table. 
  • Finally...the signature piece...Chair is from my great-grandparents. It fits perfectly into the corner, as it is rounded. I do have legs for the chair, but it would still be pretty low and I think I like the leg-less look better. This chair is the perfect place to curly up in read. I do a lot of blogging and work from this chair too. 

Here's a close of the material:
Seriously, where would you find material like this-the actually material, design, colours, texture, everything- these days? And, how awesome is the print?!?
Can you see why I love this space of my apartment so much?!? I'm so happy with the way it turned out and I love that chair; the shape, the size, the material...everything! Love, love love!! Plus, it's nice how much of my great-grandparents are part of this little corner of apartment real estate. 


  1. I love the nook! it's so perfect!

  2. love this peek into your apartment! we need to catch up

  3. I love your reading nook! And it's extra special because of the history of the pieces.