Monday 7 April 2014

Hey! It's Ok

Airing My Dirty Laundry

To think that Luke Bryan, once again, did a great job hosting the ACM's on Sunday. 

That it was sad realizing that Saturday was likely the last time I would ever be at my great grandmother's house. The house has been sold. I spent so much time at that many memories. I can't articulate the sadness this is causing me.
To be incredible blessed to have some very, very amazing people in my life. They all play different roles in my life, but are all equally important and special to me.

That I did not follow anything related to the Quebec election, including election night. I know that (as per Twitter) it was predicted that it would be a Liberal minority. I really should have cared a bit more.
To be disappointed that Kentucky didn't win. I'm not into March Madness or any college sport or basketball...but Kentucky was my team. I'm happy they made it to the finals...but a win would have been nice. They did have a great tournament that's something. 


  1. I can totally relate to the great grandmother's house. We just sold my grandparent's house. My grandpa has been gone for almost seven years and grandma passed this fall. I was at the house a couple weekends ago and it was all empty. They are the only ones to have ever lived there. Grandpa built the house. It was hard. So many memories stuffed inside those walls. I still hear my grandpa shouting out to me when I walk in the front door. I fear that the freshness of those memories will leave without the house.

  2. I did not watch the ACMs. Game of Thrones was on ;)