Monday 28 April 2014

Inspire Me- Different Colour

In my opinion, and I know other agree with me, Mondays just come to quickly. I had another great weekend. A co-worker and I both had some lieu time banked, so we both left work around 1 and went for lunch. It was so great to spend some time with her outside of the office. 

After lunch, I headed to the my family's second home for the weekend. My dad was there when I arrived. It was a low key night; we ran some errands before having dinner and watching hockey. Sadly, the New York Rangers did not win their game, but the Chicago-St Louis series is crazy! Saturday, we went out for breakfast before spending the majority of the day running more errands. I bought a laptop bag for work and a tablet!! I'd been thinking about getting a tablet for about 6+ months, and finally did it. I spent the afternoon figuring out how to use it, downloading apps, etc. We had dinner and just hung out. 

My dad left early on Sunday. I did some reading, had breakfast and watch the Rangers game, which they thankfully won!!

As most of my weeks, this will be a busy one. I have a work meeting today and will be celebrating a friend/co-worker, as tomorrow is her last day. Founder's Day Dinner tonight, dinner with a friend on Wednesday, school talent show on Thursday and then weekend...Kentucky Derby is this weekend!!! 

But before the weekend, I need to get through the week:

Not only is this a funny quote- and who doesn't love laughing?- but Hannah has a point. 'Paint yourself a different colour' simply means, focus on something else. I'm sad to see my friend and co-worker go, I'm starting to feel the stress of my added workload with her departure. I am definitely 'feeling blue' about everything. 

This week, I'm going to 'paint myself' yellow, for joy. Even though she's leaving, we will still be friends. We leave near each other, work in the same community and she's going to an organization that my organization does work with. The added workload, just means more of a opportunity for me to prove to myself what I can do, an opportunity for me to use problem solving and delegation skills. Having to do so much more work, will hopefully, allow me to focus more and improve on my organizational and time management skills. 

And if painting myself yellow doesn't work, I'll just paint myself another colour until I find one that works.


  1. this was a great post Melissa, will try emailing you this week, it has been crazy

  2. We got ourselves a tablet just after Christmas. Nothing fancy, but I love it.

  3. I finally got a tablet last week and The Kids stole it from me before I could download a thing. They should make those things so that 4 year olds can't figure them out. What's the first app you installed?

    If I had to paint myself another colour it would be yellow too. In fact, it was the colour behind my latest Mexican laundry room update. P.S. Are we twins?

    I was looking through the "I Am Canadian" features yesterday and thought of you. I hope that you're doing well and that Monday doesn't come so fast.

    Besos, Sarah
    Blogger at Journeys of The Zoo