Tuesday 15 April 2014

Hey! It's Ok

Airing My Dirty Laundry

To have had a blast in Toronto on the weekend. I was celebrating my uncle's marriage. I also got to see a few of my cousins and my brother, meet my cousin's boyfriend and had a great conversation with my new aunt...I really like her,

That my uncle told me, even though he's married now, we will still have our summer ritual. My uncle randomly texts me on a Saturday morning to see if I'm at my family's second home and if I want to go out for lunch. He drives the 3ish hours to have lunch with me and then heads back.
To be thinking of a dear friend and wishing him a speedy recovery.

That I'm starting to make my apartment mine. It only took almost 2 years. But it's finally happening. I'm slowly adding pieces of furniture and items that are making my place feel like mine.
To like the new show Friends With Better Lives. It's been compared to Friends and even has a former Friends writer as the creator. While a lot of people/critics don't like this...I've been looking for a current show to love as much as I loved Friends, so I'm ok with it.


  1. C and I are watching FWBL too! I think its pretty funny, but it definitely does have some moments where it crosses the line! That cheeseburger moment from the last episode?? Ew.

  2. I might have to check out that other friends show. I keep hearing about it.

  3. It took us a couple of years to start making our house ours. We'll actually have been here for three years this summer and we just finished painting our first room.