Friday 21 February 2014

Style & Hashtag

First of all, happy Friday! This seemed like a never ending week and I'm happy that the weekend is finally here! This weekend will be the last of my birthday celebrations, which will kick-off with a David Myles concert and end with a dinner hosted by my parents.

Also, the Olympics are wrapping up, with the closing ceremony on Sunday. I was unfortunately not able to watch as much of the Olympics as I had hoped, with the time difference and being at work during the events, I missed a lot. I was able to watch highlights and re-broadcasts, but it's not quite the same. 

I have been meaning to blog about the Olympic, but time got away on me. I know at the beginning of the Olympics, a lot of bloggers covered fashion, including the team uniforms. I'm a little behind in this, but better late then never. So here we go.

Hudson's Bay is responsible for Canada's Olympic uniforms and they also have an Olympic Collection. Here are some of my favourite pieces:
Sochi 2014 Women's Reversible Quilted Jacket
Reversible Quilted Jacket
Canadian Olympic Team 2014 Tee
Olympic Team Tee
Sochi 2014 Colourblock Zip Hoodie
Colourblock Zipped Hoodie
And, of course, the iconic red mittens:
2014 Snow Top Red Mittens
2014 Olympic Red Mittens
I love these mitts! The mitts were introduced prior to the Vancouver 2010 games and these are the third edition (Vancouver, London, Sochi). Not only are these mitts nice and SUPER warm, but they are a great way to show support for Canada and Canadian Olympians. A portion of the proceeds from each sale goes towards supporting our Olympic athletes via the Canadian Olympic Foundation.

I also really love the tagline that Hudson's Bay uses for the Olympic collection, "We were made for this."

I love the tagline almost as much as I love the official Olympic Canada hashtag:

Congratulations to all Olympic Athletes...while it's nice to win and 'bring home the gold', it's a really special opportunity to compete and represent your country on the world stage.

I hope everyone enjoys the last little bit of the Winter Olympics!!


  1. We watched hardly any of the Olympics this time around as well.

  2. I agree that watching the taped events in the evening is just not the same...I still enjoyed watching, but it's not the same when you already know the outcome :) I have enjoyed the stories about the athletes - those get me every time! Happy Friday!