Wednesday 19 February 2014

Over The Mountains, Under The Stars

Happy Wednesday! I am so happy that this week is half over and that it's a short week. While I would love to get in some extra sleep, time to read, etc...I'm actually counting down the days to my last weekend of birthday celebrations. 

My parents are hosting a lunch (or maybe it's dinner...I can't remember, but it IS a meal, I know that much) for me on Sunday, Saturday I will be celebrating with childhood friends and Friday I will be going to a concert with my sister- We'll be seeing David Myles!!

My love for David Myles is WELL documented here and everyone who knows me, knows how much of a fan I am, including Heather, who sent me a song via David Myles for Valentine's day/my birthday.

Every day is better if there's some David Myles in it, so here you go:

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