Friday 10 January 2014

So, I Worked On A Commercial...

Happy Friday!!! Before I get to today's post- a commercial I worked on- I just wanted to say that the ever talented and ever beautiful Justine from Single Sleepy Girl and I had a Skype date last night. I had a pretty rough day yesterday and I was ecstatic to find that we could Skype on short notice. I always have so much fun talking to Justine...lots of laughing! She totally made my night!

On to today's post...I've mentioned a handful of times over the past month or so that I was working on a commercial. I'm so excited to finally share the commercial! Huge thank you to CTV for allowing me to work so closely with them. I provided the concept, worked/consulted on the script, scouted and secured a portion of the locations, found the talent to be in the commercial and suggested footage shots. I was able to contribute a lot to the piece. I am so honoured to be part of this and am very, very, very proud of the final outcome.

Having the opportunity to work on a commercial for a national television station, even if the commercial will only be airing in select markets, was a dream come true. I had the opportunity to meet and work with a variety of CTV staff. All of them are so talented and were super nice to me. I can't thank CTV enough for all that they did.'s the commercial!!

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