Monday 4 November 2013

Inspire Me

Monday...ugh. I think most people would agree that Mondays are the worst! After a fantastic weekend- hockey game, fundraiser and traditional Italian Sunday dinner- who wants to get up early and go to work? Although, after getting through my work day, I will be rewarded with dinner with a friend.

As mentioned, I had a fantastic weekend! I met up with my university roommate, where we reminisced over the days we lived together and the experiences we had before heading to a (AHL) hockey game! We saw the Abbotsford Heat beat the Hamilton Bulldogs in a shootout. It was a great game and I had a lot of fun. 

Yesterday, my mother and I attended a fundraiser in support of Big Brothers Big Sisters. Sparkling wine reception, 3 course lunch and a fashion show. It was a lovely afternoon in support of a great cause. I have the best intentions of writing about the event later this week...we'll see what happens. 

An unexpected portion to my weekend, but the highlight, was dinner with my family. When I was younger, we would go to my grandmother's house once a week for a family meal. Grandchildren became busy with after school jobs and activities and my grandmother eventually these weekly meals stopped. My great-aunt decided to have 'everyone' over for dinner.

Sitting around a table, with my parents, siblings, aunts, uncles, cousins, grandparents, great aunt and my great grandmother...being served pasta, stuffed peppers, chicken parm, potatoes, sausage, peas and onion, salad...I was brought back to my childhood. I was reminded of the importance of family and the traditions and values that come from being part of an Italian family. I loved every minute of it. 

Anyway, enough about my weekend...some inspiration to get through the week:

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  1. Loving your quotes recently :) Glad you had a good time with your family!