Thursday 7 November 2013

CMA's & Canadian Girls

CMA's were on last night and, of course, I was watching. I think that Carrie and Brad did a great job hosting- as usual! They are so funny and I loved the song that they did during their opening. 
Best way to kick off...well, anything? Have Luke Bryan! It is well documented on this blog that I LOVE Luke Bryan!! What a sweet moment when he sang his song in memory of his brother and sister during the show. But the opening number... *sigh*. Luke really does make things he better! He is such a great performer and so much fun to watch. Not to mention, pretty ok to look at...(proof can be found on my Luke Bryan Pinterest Board)

CMA's were great...but I have to show some Canadian love too!

Canadian Girls by Dean Brody

Speaking of Canadian...I'm the featured blogger for "I Am Canadian" at Journey of the Zoo for the month of November!
I Am Canadian Feature for November is Dreams and Colour

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