Wednesday 30 November 2011

Book, Song, Body

Book- Pretty in Plaid by Jen Lancaster is a book that is currently going around our office. I had heard a lot about this book and asked for it last year for Christmas. I read it in a matter of days and loved this book. I had lent a co-worker some books, another co-worker asked if she could borrow a book or two, and I said sure. I lent her this book and she too loved it. She said that she literally laughed out loud while reading it- I did too, I must admit. A third co-worker heard the two of us discussing the book. She picked it up, read the first page, laughed, and asked if she could borrow it, which she is. The first co-worker, who started this whole book borrowing thing, has already requested to borrow it next.

The book is a memoir and follows Jen from childhood to adult life. Moments in her life are remembered by the fashion, the fashion is a minor character in this book, which adds to the humour and charm. I highly recommend this book to any girl who`s looking for a light, funny read.

Song-A show that I am addicted to in The Sing-Off. This week was the final episode *tear*, but thank goodness for youtube! I can continue to watch the episodes over and over. This seasons winner, and my favourite group from the beginning, was Pentatonix. So, in honour of their win, this weeks song is my favourite song of their's from the season: Video Killed The Radio Star. You can see the performance and listen to the song here. The song is also available on itunes.

Body- I once had a makeup artist say to me; 'Promise me you will never leave your house without putting mascara on. You have such long lashes, you need to make sure they get noticed. Even if you don't wear any other make up, promise me you'll always wear mascara.'

While it is not a promise I have kept (I don't wear makeup everyday), I do have to say that IF I do go to wear makeup, mascara is one of the few products I reach for. I personally love Oscillation by Lancome. I have a friend who used to work at the Lancome Beauty Counter, so she turned me on to their products. I've found that Lancome mascara's are easy to apply, don't clump (no spider eyes!) and don't smudge or rub off easily. However, at the end of the night, with a little makeup remover, the mascara comes off no problem. With Oscillation, all my eyelashes get coated, making them longer and bolder then they naturally are. While it is a bit expensive, I find it to be worth the price.

A more economically priced mascara brand that I also like is Cover Girl. No specific type of mascara, but the brand is pretty good (and one my sister swears by).

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