Thursday 28 November 2019

Rug All About It

I think that we can all agree that rugs are one of the easiest ways to update or transform a living space. They can pull a room together, transform a room from traditional to trendy, make a room cozy, or even be a focal point or conversation starter. 

Let's start this rug conversation...with a floor mat.

Locus Vie
One of my all time favourite stores, Hive Bayfield, carries these vinyl floor mats that come in a variety of shapes. The tile patterns are reminiscent of European tile and floors- which I love! While 'vinyl floor mat' is not the first thing that comes to mind when you think 'rugs', it has been my go to for rugs in my home.

Home Depot
Florals are popular choice when it comes to rugs. Floral, to me, can seem dated and I'm usually not a fan. However, I am loving this floral print rug that has a really modern feel to it. 

Bed Bath & Beyond
For something trendy, look for a Trellis rug. These designs are beautiful and come in all kinds of colour combinations. What I love about Trellis rugs is that they are the type of trendy that stays in style for awhile...they are not a one season wonder. 

Vintage rugs are also really great. They can make a room feel lived in. If you are able to get a true vintage (and not a new rug made to look vintage) it could have a cool back story, or sentimental value if it belonged to a loved one.

The most cozy of all rugs is, in my opinion, a shag rug. They are so soft and comfortable...there's really nothing like curling your toes in a shag rug. 

Finally, how could I do a post about rugs and not include something fun and colourful?! Bright colours and abstract designs are not for everyone...I personally love them!!

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