Thursday 14 November 2019

7 Things I Can't Live Without*

I consider myself so incredible lucky and blessed to always have everything I need to get through life. I have the best family, amazing friends, a job that I love, awesome coworkers and work environment/culture, great opportunities...the list goes on. 

With the exception of family/friends/job, and the basics needed to survive, I thought it would be fun to list 7 Things I Can't Live Without*:
  1. Cellphone- I know it's kind of sad, but I really can't live without it and I feel lost- and maybe anxious- if I don't have my phone with me. I use it to call, text and email, but it also helps me get places (Google Maps), know the weather and travel conditions, keeps me up to date on current events, allows me to capture memories via video and photos, let's me know the time, wakes me up (alarm), keeps track of my schedule (calendar), nd so much more. I would truly be lost- physically and metaphorically- without it. 
  2. Office Dogs- My workplace is a dog friendly office. Having dogs around really does elevate the mood in the office. The dogs will come over to be pet, play, or to sleep under our desks.  
  3. Books- It is no secret that I love to read. I'm always surrounded by books. Reading is a way for me to relax and unwind, and be distracted in negative times. Plus, books are social for me- it gives me something to talk about with other people and are the driving force behind my monthly outing with friends for our book club meeting.
  4. Water- Now, you might be thinking 'I thought you were going to exclude basics to survive?' and I am. While I do love to drink water, I can't live without being near water. I LOVE the beach and spend as much time there as possible. As spend as much time as possible being near water- lakes, rivers, canals, ponds. Water is very calming for me and helps me think.
  5. Friends- This is my all time favourite tv show. It is soooo funny- even after all these years and seeing episodes many times over. I watch this show every night before I go to bed. 
  6. Drunkastrology- Graham is hilarious and gives me life. His weekly forecasts are highly entertaining and his weekly Instagram Live is the highlight of my week!!
  7. Hockey- I'm Canadian. Enough said. Go Rangers!!

*I could really live without if needed, but would prefer not too

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