Thursday 4 January 2018

Winter 2018 Bucket List

Every summer I make a bucket list as a way to make sure I do everything I want to do during the summer. Summer is my favourite season and with so much going on I want to make sure I have a summer full of fun and experiences, and not miss out on anything. 

I contemplated doing a 2018 bucket list, but I wasn'y organized enough to think through my entire year and list everything I want to do...I still might do a year long bucket list, we'll see! Instead, I thought it would be more manageable to do monthly or seasonal bucket lists. 

While I had every intent of making and posting a January or winter bucket list, this isn't going to happen. Again, not organized enough. So, I'm going to cheat and use a pre-made bucket list created by one of the most amazing and inspiring women I know- Brittany from Viklund Made

You can find the Viklund Made Winter Bucket List- which is beautifully illustrated- here. I'm looking forward to spending the next few months working through this list!

1 comment:

  1. I should start with a bucket list but I know I'll probably rarely complete it! Good luck with yours.