Wednesday 17 January 2018

10 Things I Love About Winter

Winter is by no means my favourite season. It's actually my least favourite season. I'm not a fan of winter and I don't do winter activities- skiing, snowmobiling, etc. But I do LOVE hockey, which is a winter you know. To help me get through winter, I thought I would focus on the good and share 10 things I love about winter. 
  1. Winter Olympics- so this only happens once every four years, but the Winter Olympics are by far more interesting than the Summer Olympics.
  2. Snow Days-my office doesn't close so we don't really get snow days. but the idea of getting this surprise, extra day off where you don't have to do anything- and in some cases can't do anything- is pretty great. 
  3. Hot Chocolate-while you can technically have hot chocolate year round, it just seems better in winter and is really a cold weather drink. 
  4. My Birthday- my birthday is mid-February, which is in winter. 
  5. The Air- winter air is just so fresh, crisp and clean. 
  6. Hockey- I do LOVE hockey. There's nothing better than being at the rink and watching a game.
  7. Cozy Days-  winter days are the perfect cozy days in. You can spend the day in comfy clothes, wrapped up in warm blankets, maybe by a fire, a hot beverage, and a good book or movie. This just seems so much more acceptable doing it in the winter. It's too cold to do anything or go you might as well stay in...
  8. Fresh Snow at Night- I don't like snow. I'm maybe in different to snow, but I HATE driving in snow!! I actually love the extreme cold temperatures we've had this year because it's been too cold to snow. BUT, I will admit that I do like how fresh snow looks at night; so white, unmarked (no one was driven/walked through it), and it has this glittery, sparkly look to it!
  9. Bubble Baths- again, this is something you can do year round. For some reason I have waaaaaaay more bubble baths in the winter than in any other season. Like, other seasons I maybe have one or two. In winter, it's a weekly thing. 
  10. Ice Wine- I'm from the Niagara Region which is know for our wines, especially our ice wines. We even have an ice wine festival! Without winter (or the cold temperatures), no ice wine...or ice wine festival.

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