Monday 4 April 2016

You Are On The Right Path

There has been A LOT going on the past few months...time has passed quickly and I can't believe that we are in April already! The past few months, while busy, have been fun...rewarding...fantastic! I've been really happy and I have experienced some positive 'everything happens for a reason' situation, including meeting people. 

There has been one situation that was a bit...troubling to me. Late last week, I decided to do something, make a change. I told some people about this and it was met with a lot of support and encouragement. Things started to snowball and happen really fast, maybe too fast. I started to question myself and my decision. I started to panic. I wanted to put everything to a halt. 

Yesterday, I was out for a drive when something caught my eye. I pulled over and walked out to look at it. As I was heading back to my car, I saw something else...two Inuksuit:

The shores of Lake Huron were covered in Inuksuit up until last week when they were all demolished. I don't know if these two Inuksuit survived to the demolition or if these are two new ones that were built. 

Inukshuk are built by Inuits and mean both "someone was here" and "you are on the right path."

I have decided that seeing these Inuksuit was a sign...the universe is telling me that I am on the right path. 

I am headed in the right direction with my decision. I can't wait.

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