Wednesday 13 April 2016

Fab Fit Fun: Spring 2016 Box

I have been a Fab Fit Fun Subscriber for quite sometime and I love this subscription! In the past, I have found that when you subscribe to something for a while, it gets old or they start sending repeat products, but from a different brand. This is NOT the case with FFF! 

Fab Fit Fun is a seasonal box that is $49.99 a quarter or $179.99 a year. I bulked a little bit at the price tag, but the value of the boxes are amazing and you get full size products and the value of the box well exceeds what you pay. Also, I like that Fab Fit Fun is not just a beauty box, they send a variety of products.
A couple of boxes ago, FFF did a bit of a rebrand- which I really like! Instead of sending their standard black box, they know have a fund design on the box to reflect the season. They also went from a product card to a magazine. The magazine includes all of the information that was on their product card, plus full page articles/interviews related to the various products. My favourite element of the rebrand is that FFF partners with a different non-profit each season! This is a great way to learn about non-profits and raise awareness. 

So, what did I get?

  • I Am That Girl card: This is the non-profit partner for Sprint 2016. I Am That Girl is an organization with a focus on self-love, confidence, and support. They are doing some great work. This card is a great reminder to work to make the world better and that we are enough. This card has found a home on my bulletin board.
    Value: N/A
  • $25 Gift Card for 31 Bits: I am not a fan of gift cards in subscription boxes for a variety of reasons. 31 Bits is jewelry made by artisans in Uganda and allows them to rise above poverty. I don't usually use gift cards that I get in subscription boxes but decided to try something new. Everything on the website is over $25, including their sale items. I was able to find something that I thought would be a great gift for a friend so I decided to buy it. With the gift card, the item ended up costing me about $2 USD plus $15 in shipping. Shipping to Canada is ridiculous, which is one of the reasons I don't usually use gift cards.
    Value: $25
  • Bath Bomb Trinity by Jus D'Amour: There are three different bath bombs in this box, they all serve a different purpose (based on the essential oils used to make them), and they all smell so good! While I love baths, I often find myself too busy to take one. I'm hoping to have some free time to test these out soon!
    Value: $28
  • Shaving Emulation Lotion by HelloLegs: This is a body lotion and shaving cream combination. This is a product that I wouldn't normally use. I'm interested to see if the body lotion portion will be able to add moisture to my beyond dry skin.
    Value: $19.95
  • Argan & Hemp Oil Therapy by Marrakesh: I am a fan of Argan oil, and I have been using Macadamia oil for the past year- which I love and was introduced to in a subscription box! I will definitely be giving this a try- especially since it's supposed to leave you frizz free- and can't wait to see how it works!
    Value: $22.99
  • Keratin Gloves & Socks: I have never heard of this product, but it makes sense. Not only will this product strengthen nails, but also moisturizes skin. As we all know, I'm always on the hunt for products that can hydrate my desert dry skin. I have high hopes for this product.
    Value: $9.98
  • Yoga Mat Strap by Merrithew: FFF always includes a fitness product, which I like. For this box it is a yoga mat strap. I've never felt that I needed a yoga mat strap...but this product can also be used as a resistance cord or as a yoga strap to help hold poses; both things I will use it for. I like that this product is multi-functional.
    Value: $14.99
  • Tag Necklace by Jook & Nona: FFF VIP Members (which I am) have the benefit of picking their items, if there are multiple choices (ex different colours, scents, etc). There were four tag necklaces to pick from: Love, Happy, Inspire, Dream. All four of these resonate with me and I had a hard time deciding which one I wanted. Realizing that my blog and social media handles are Dreams and Colour, I realized the obvious choice was 'Dream', so that's what I picked! The necklaces are gold plated and classic.
    Value: $65
  • Herb Garden by MakersKit: I saw this item in a spoiler that FFF put out and I was beyond excited to know we would be getting this!! I have been eyeing a DIY Herb Garden for months but never got around to buying one. This kit comes with everything you need to grow thyme, mint, and basil. As a bonus, every MakersKit results in the donation of a school supply to public schools. I am looking forward to nurturing and growing my little herb garden!!
    Value: $35
  • $30 Gift Card to Sterling Forever: Another gift card...sigh. I've come to expect at least one in every FFF box, which is fine because without the gift cards, the value of the box is amazing! Again, I decided to try something different and actually use the gift card. There was nothing on the site for less than $30. I think the lowest price point was $36. I found a necklace for $37 that will be part of my sisters birthday gift. As a bonus, shipping was free! It was a little disappointing that both gift cards in this box were for jewelry websites, especially since a piece of jewelry was already included in the box.
    Value: $30
  • Contour Kit by ISH: ISH is a new makup line by FFF and Joey Maalouf. I love that the palette includes blush, highlighter, contour and bronzer- everything you need! Unfortunately, I do not wear a ton of makeup, and when I do blush/highlighter/bronzer/contour aren't even in the mix. I do like seeing a full size palette, so I think it's a great item for this box- just not for me.
    Value: $32
Total Value: $282.91
The value of this box is incredible! Even though I won't use all of the products, I do think that all of the products are great; if I won't use them, I know someone who will. Not only is the value of the box fantastic compared to what you pay, but they send a variety of products. To me, this subscription is a must have!!

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