Monday 4 February 2019

Be That Girl

Over the years, I have had many females try and take me down for a variety of reasons. 99% of those reasons are related to jealousy or feeling threatened. I know that this is a common thing, that what I have experienced is not out of the ordinary. Women have the tendency to go after or "attack" other women. 

I am also incredibly lucky to have some really amazing women in my life. Women who support and uplift me, women who want to see me succeed and volunteer to help me succeed. These are the type of women I want to be around, and this is the type of person I want to be.

Last year my goals was every month to write a note to a woman I knew and just tell her that I thought she was amazing, that she was doing a good job, and any other encouragement or praise that applied to her. I didn't tell anyone that this was my goal- I just did it. Some women thanked me for the note, others never mentioned, and most told me that I appreciated hearing whatever I said to them...that they were struggling and that my encouragement lifted them up. 

Be that girl...the girl who builds others up, who encourages, who makes the world a kinder place.

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