Wednesday 7 March 2018

February Favourites

February flew by- which means we are closer to Summer (my favourite), but it also means my birthday month is over. I had a great month, and got to do some really fun things- including attending a live recording of the podcast Grown Ups Read Things They Wrote As Kids! I also had a great time celebrating my birthday with family, friends, a relaxing day off, a fun night out, and a birthday donut!

But here we are in a new month, which means a new round of favourite things from the past month! Here are my favourite things from February:

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 Baths are just so cozy, warm, and a great way to spend a snowy Sunday afternoon. What's not so great is the unpleasant sound of water draining from your tub, or all of the warm water draining away from your body. Luckily I discover SlipX Solutions Bottomless Bath Overflow Drain Cover. Place it over your overflow drain, and enjoy a relaxing bath which now has a few extra inches of water, This has changed my bath game. 

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I have mentioned a billion times how dry my skin is and how I am always on the search of the magic moisturizing product that will keep my skin hydrated. Garnier SkinActive Moisture Bomb has become my lifesaving skin product. The gel like, water based product feel so amazing and hydrating on my skin, and it keeps my skin feeling super hydrated through out the day. This just might be that magic product I have been searching for!!

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I received this Homemade by Ayesah Curry mug in a subscription box a few months ago. Not only is super cute, but it's such a nice size! I can fit a lot of hot chocolate/coffee/tea in the mug, and I can easily wrap both hands around the mug for some added warmth.

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Like everyone else, I am obsessed with Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir. I want to be friends with them. And, like everyone else, am convinced they are the world's greatest love story. 
I'm just going to leave this here for you to watch and fall even more in love with them...

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