Wednesday 26 October 2016

Message From Canada: You're Great America

With the American election weeks away, the world is watching to see who will become the next President of the United States. We are well aware of the circus that has been this campaign and the high entertainment the debates have been. 

Now, if this was happening in Canada, we know the US would be making fun of us...kind of like you did with Rob Ford (RIP). And while Canadians are questioning if this election is a joke, and we are questioning how America has let it come to this...we are also, well, Canada.

So, of course, we do what Canada does and instead of making fun of America and belittling you, we give you, America, a pep talk. 

So Canadian. 

No matter what happens on November 8, no matter who the next President of the United States is, we still think you're great America. 

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