Wednesday 27 May 2015

Where'd You Go, Melissa?

Things have been pretty quiet around life has kept me busy, which resulted in an unplanned blog hiatus. I haven't forgotten about my blog, there were just other things that were taking up my time, and my blog had to take a backseat. I think things have settled down enough for me to get back into blogging on a regular basis.

So, what has been going on?

Back in March, I left my job in non-profit fundraising. This was something that I had been trying to do since November, as I found myself working for an organization that I did not want to be associated with. This departure, a blessing in disguise, was not without drama. My former employer has been nothing but difficult. Things that I don't want to deal with, don't have time to deal with, but must deal with. I will spare the details, but I will say they have been acting unethically and illegally.

I've started two new jobs! Back in April I accepted a part-time position with a fantastic and reputable global organization. I was excited to work part-time; I had hopes of focus more on writing, building my blog, volunteering and take on projects that I just never had the time for. After 3 weeks at my new job, I was offered a part-time contract to work on a special project. It was a once in a lifetime opportunity that I just couldn't say no too. And I didn't say no. So, my part-time job turned into 40 hours a week. I'm really enjoying it so far and I'm excited to see what the next few months will bring.

My social life has been packed; friends, networking, family, and events. I haven't had a free night of 'nothing' in weeks. I'm not complaining about that. I love being busy, seeing people and doing things. I'm working on a really fun event- my dad's charity gala- and I've been spending a lot of time with a new friend. 

The little time I have left, and it's very little, has been spent getting caught up on Big Brother Canada episodes and following the New York Rangers on their playoff run. 

May has been a busy, life changing and exciting month for me. But I'm happy to be back here...I've missed this place and all of you.

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